City Limits (Dec. 7, 2002)

Noel Goodrich - The NEWEST T2O member  Steve Loewenthal  Scott Kesling  Steve Baleno - "What happens if I hit this one?"  "The Twist2Open Band"  Sabina joins in  Time to dance!   You go, John!  Tom, Michelle, Laura and friends  Everybody on the floor!  Greg, Kristie, Doug (some "friends in low places")  Greg and Julie  Sabina and Maude  Scott - the Day After

Photos courtesy Dave and Sandy Kesling

City Limits (Oct. 4, 2002)

Greg, How you doin'?  Julie  Stuart  Ann  Hey Kim!  Dan the Man  Michelle  The Crew  Judy & Judy  Die Hards  ...a long day for sound tech Craig

Photos courtesy Scott Kesling

2002 Chapin Labor Day Parade (Sep. 1, 2002)

Candy Distribution Staff (Niki)   Candy Distribution Staff (David)   Steve B.   Scott  Wave To The Crowd!  Long Walk Home!

Photos courtesy Dave and Sandy Kesling

City Limits (Aug. 3, 2002)

Meet Steve B.  The "New" T2O  It's good to be back!  Steve L. and Steve B. (Would that be Steve Squared?)  Scott sings Miss American Pie  Steve L. stops for a refreshment!  Return to "Love Shack"  Get On The Floor!  Robbie's Gang   Chris and Christine

Photos courtesy Dave and Sandy Kesling