2001 Irmo Okra Strut Parade

  From the front....  ...and from the back  Up close and personal Missy in the T2O Command Module (piloted by Maude)  Post-parade celebration with the "Sweet Tea Queens" of Spartanburg

2001 American Cancer Society Relay For Life - SC State Fairgrounds

On Stage Scott Backstage Crew Gets In The Act Rock & Roll All Night with the "Roadies" T2O Junior Fan Club Steve enters the Sexiest Legs contest

Tom & Jerry's (Mar 23, 2001)

"Tex" (a.k.a. Stix)   Steve  WIPEOUT!!!!  Love Shack  Jammin' with Dwain  Hey Mr. Tambourine Man  Special Guest Dwain  Slowin' It Down  Are You Talkin' To ME?  Wake Up, Ben!  Robbie and SABina  Maude  Mike and Missy