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Here is some feedback we have received from our guestbook and e-mails....

Just wanted to let you guys know we had a great time the other night and look forward to the next timeÖ..GREAT JOB!...THANKS  M. Westbury (re: Triple J Saloon 09/28/07)

Iím happy to tell you that you have acquired a couple of new T2O fansÖmy parents! Wow! What a great time we had listening to you guys play Saturday night! You sounded very impressive, especially on your harmonies. I can tell you have been practicing.
Also, my Mom said to tell you that she has always wanted to enjoy a concert from the front row, and you guys helped to make that wish become a reality. She really had a blast listening to you play (as if you probably couldnít tell).  We most definitely want to attend your future shows, so will you please add my email address to your distribution list? We sure donít want to miss any exciting information about your upcoming performances!
Metts (re: Spic'Z 05/15/04)

Thanks for providing the GREAT entertainment at the Finish line of the 31st Annual Governor's Cup Road Race. While I was waiting for my 8K award, I thoroughly enjoyed your music! - Stephanie DiMaggio, Runner & Midlands Tech Instructor

Great time Saturday.  Thanks for playing.  ...  Love your music and "Play Free Bird!!" - D. Jones 8/3/03

Heard all Saturday night. It was great. Love your new addition. (Noel Goodrich).  - J. Phipps  12/10/2002 (re: City Limits 12/07/02)

We just wanted to let you know we enjoyed our night at the City Limits last Saturday and that you guys sounded great.  You all really enjoy what you are doing and it comes through and everybody there was partying with you!  - Sandy K. 8/9/2002 (re: City Limits 8/3/02)

had a great time as guys sounded good....look forward to seeing you again soon... :)  - M. Westbury 8/6/2002 (re: City Limits 8/3/02)

WHAT A TURNOUT!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on a very successful outing. Place looked nice, too. - T. Spade 8/5/2002 (re: City Limits 8/3/02)

Christine and I had a great time listening to you guys. Thanks for inviting us and keep us on your distribution list. - C. Pierson 8/5/2002 (re: City Limits 8/3/02)

I think you guys are groovy!! When do you go on tour? - K. Steele 7/19/2000

Whasssssssuppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah baby, I dig it.   Cool web site, nice photos, great song selection. Loved hearing your music. Hey Scott nice beard, is that real or a stick on? - B. Ginier 7/31/2000

What a motley looking crew!!! - S. Kinney 8/19/2000

Just checked your layout and it was nice. Good luck with all of your performances. Maybe we'll get to hear you again in Feb. - The Smiths 8/19/2000

WOW, I'm impressed. The pictures are great. Lots of luck to you guys.  CAN I BE A GROUPIE!!!!! PLEASE, I'm cute! - P. Paganucci 10/24/2000